Dundee and Angus College Case Study

Dundee & Angus College endorsed Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco-free Generation in July 2016, in recognition of the progress made towards creating a tobacco-free culture across their campuses.

The Clean Air Campus approach taken by the college aimed to reclaim outdoor space for everyone’s use; free from cigarette smoke. Dundee & Angus College took practical steps across campus to bring about positive changes.

Representatives from the college Learner Engagement and Estates and Sustainability teams, the students association, Dundee Council ASH Scotland & NUS Scotland were brought together as a cross campus working group to develop and implement the college’s new clean air policy. From the outset, it was clear they wanted to:

  • reduce the visibility of smoking on campus by moving smoking away from the entrances and exits to buildings
  • reduce cigarette related litter across campus
  • create a clear policy for e-cigarette use
  • provide a supportive environment for those wishing to quit.

The group also identified that the new policy should focus on creating a safe and healthy environment for all staff, students and visitors; rather than do’s and don’ts for smokers. With these objectives in mind, they established a project plan with timescales.

The first phase involved consultation and communication with students and staff including open meetings, notifications on the staff portal and student intranet, social research with peers, plus, No Smoking Day was used to gather feedback from staff and students.

Practical changes & preparing the grounds

In preparation for the launch of the new policy the college:

  • relocated smoking shelters (they planned to replace the existing smoking area with a healthy alternative on each campus , including an urban gym, to demonstrate the new positive direction the college was taking)
  • replaced old signage and with new ‘Clean-Air Campus’ signage
  • replaced smoking bins with general purpose bins
  • removed all smoking fixtures and fittings across campus.

Dundee and Angus College RESPECT positive behaviour policy helps everyone at the College to clearly understand what the college expects from staff and students and what they can expect from the College. The working group agreed that the principles of the clean air policy would be included in this behaviour policy and the information for students and staff was updated.

The group also identified that the new policy should focus on creating a safe and healthy environment for all staff , students and visitors

Impact & Review

Fresher’s Week 2015 saw the launch of the new clean-air campus policy. The positive changes were promoted through the induction process and visible marketing campaign. The updated policy was the most visited policy of the academic year!

The college continued the momentum throughout the year with Green Week and the Healthy Body Healthy Mind Award

Initial compliance with the policy was high and there was noticeable reduction in litter across campus. The college has since reviewed the policy to seek feedback on the implementation from staff and students and have made some changes for the next academic year. 

The steps Dundee & Angus College have made toward encouraging a tobacco-free culture on campus will help to deliver the ambitious goal of a tobacco-free generation by 2034.

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