“Health and wellbeing have an important role to play in supporting engagement and attainment, and this is just as true in employability settings as anywhere. ”

Employability Activities

Youth employability services managers already know the importance of health and wellbeing outcomes for young adult’s engagement and attainment, and how these support the delivery of employability targets. Yet time, capacity and confidence of staff to deliver on health and wellbeing can be barriers, especially when balancing the needs of vulnerable young people and meeting targets. With no formal obligation to ensure health and wellbeing is delivered consistently across the employability pipeline, young people may not receive important messages which could empower them to value and improve their own health and wellbeing, and reach their potential.

The #BeFreeAchieveMore brand and resources have now been launched, and positively received in employability settings. These immediately highlight the close links between health and wellbeing, and engagement and attainment for young adults. This clear messaging will soon be joined by a second phase of the project, providing guidance and support for integrating the #befreeachievemore ethos into day-to-day service provision.


In the meantime we want to:

  • make sure that #BeFreeAchieveMore is known and accessible to all employability services
  • make sure staff feel equipped to use the resources and have conversations with young people
  • And young people receive the messages in meaningful and appropriate ways.
  • For further support get in touch.

Billy from Action for Children

Billy from the Action for Children employability service in Edinburgh discusses how young adults view smoking, and the role of staff in helping them to make positive choices

Other resources:

  • Our #BefreeAchieveMore posters are ideal for employability environments, promoting the key messages of being fitter, happier and better off through not smoking. They are available to download free