West Lothian College Case Study

West Lothian College Student Association endorsed Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco-free Generation in April 2017 to reduce the harm caused by smoking and help support a tobacco-free generation by 2034.

The creation of a clean air campus is designed to protect everyone from the harm of second-hand smoke while promoting a smoke-free culture on campus grounds.

West Lothian College Students Association has worked closely with ASH Scotland, NHS Lothian and West Lothian Drug and Alchohol Service to implement a revised smoking policy incorporating a clean air campus strategy.

Why is West Lothian College Student Association embracing smoke-free?

  • it provides a healthier, safer environment for all students, staff and volunteers
  • models smoke-free living to children and young people
  • reduces the risk of fire, litter and related clean-up costs
  • enhances the organisation’s profile as a leader in changing culture around tobacco
  • supports the Scottish Governments’s national tobacco strategy for a generation free from tobacco by 2034

234 students attended stop smoking workshops held between 30 October and 02 November 2017.

Addition of smoke-free signage on campus

West Lothian College Student Association has altered practices of tobacco use on campus. Smoking and e-cigarettes are only allowed in a single outdoor smoking shelter to protect others from passive smoking. While the College realises this designated smoking area may be an inconvenience for smokers, it also takes responsibility to provide a healthy environment for all.

Permanent and semi-permanent signage has been added around campus to inform students, staff and visitors in a more fun and colourful way. The semi-permanent signage will be re-spayed each academic year to ensure it does not fade.

Stop smoking support and training

West Lothian Drug and Alchohol Service works with the Student Association to promote weekly lunchtime Quit Your Way sessions for students and staff and distributes free stop-smoking advice booklets. Referrals to stop-smoking services are offered by telephone (call or text) or through the Student Association.

It has also provided tobacco training and awareness to staff and volunteers and has integrated tobacco messages into new and existing programmes.

West Lothian College Student Association has hosted events centred around tobacco issues in student workshops and on No Smoking Day.

Smoke-free sporting events

The Student Association works with the College’s Student Sport Coordinator to ensure all sporting events are communicated and advertised as smoke-free.

Questions have been published on the sports sign-up questionnaire asking whether students smoke or whether they are aware of the support available on campus for stopping smoking. The ‘Quit Your Way’ telephone number is listed along with an explanation of the negative impacts smoking has on overall health, especially in physical activity.


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